Help installation on Arris TG3442A

Hello, as it says in the title, I want to install OpenWRT on an Arris TG3442A since I have one and reviewing its specifications I see that they are interesting, this type of modem was provided to me by my ISP called IZZI here in Mexico, the data that the modem gives me is :

Software image name:AR01.04.086.22_020323_7247.NCS.10
Firmware version:
Cable package:2.0
Wi-Fi Driver:

Supplier:ARRIS Group, Inc.
Hardware review:3
Serial number:1C24DG136301908
Processor speed:3999.86 MHz
Total DRAM memory: 677888 MB
DRAM memory used: 386 MB
Available DRAM memory: 282624 MB
Total flash memory:462 MB
Flash memory used: 426 MB
Available flash memory:36 MB

I also opened it and its CPU is FHCE2752.
I hope it is possible to install on this device, thank you

I don't think so ...

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Cable modems/routers are generally not supported, see here:

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