Help! I think ive bricked my router (TP-LINK Archer C2 V1)

I was going to start using OpenWrt on a spare router (Luckily) and it no longer does anything.

Router: TP-LINK Archer C2 V1 AC750
Kernal Used:

After uploading the kernal to the router and updating the firmware, all it did was flash after reboot. So i attempted to flash the original firmware (Archer C2(EU)_V1_160512) from: using TFTP and following these directions: Help debricking my TP-Link Archer C60 v1 - #2 by anon89577378

I beleive the flash failed and now im stuck with a router that can only shine a power light

Please follow tftp recovery to the letter:

followed it but nothing happened. All i got in the log viewer is: Message truncated (length was 8) [14/04 14:48:59.684]

it talks network, not a brick yet
You need to add static arp entry for router
arp -s ip0.1 mac
Also helps running wireshark on that *nterface to observe packets.
good luck

If you get stuck share picture of wireshark, paint over MAC address first five parts.
But google is smart too.
Openwrt install never overwrites vendor bootloader, and tplinks one has this fixed tftp recovery always available, sometimes you need to tap reset or start with some button pressed to init tftp transfer. Once you get old release of OpenWRT booted get the latest ssysupgrade from firmware selector.

The router doesnt show in wireshark

The first ARP exchange tells static entry is not there.
Check arp /a if it is well set.

You need to let your computer know IP/MAC mapping of the router because micro IP stack does not respond to ARP requests.

I beleive this is set correctly

I assume we are on same line, you may need to try multiple times to power it on with button pressed. The "short message" you got is TFTP, you just need to repeat that timing.
Probably will help to clean wireshark if you stop bonjour mdns service on your windows.
Since it flashes 20 minutes worth disabling powersave aka set presentation mode on your pc.

im reaaly sorry if this is fustrating for you, this is all new to me. ive restarted my router plugged into WAN, LAN1 and LAN4 multiple times

This doesnt seem right

Set gateway address to something else. Imagine it is 16k bootloader speaking one protocol and getting all that extra stuff... Ideally you would have just few arp requests, then tftp request and your pc sends tftp data stream.

wireshark image looks like short packet from your PC. Disable all offloads in your netcard, try fixing and lowering media speed gige - 100 fdx - 10 hdx, you need to be really kind to small OS-es

You are doing very well, all images are to the point. :100:
99% it is LAN1, but your thinking is correct.


ARP Offload: Enabled
IPv4 Checksum Offload: Disabled
Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4): Disabled
Large Send Offload v2 (IPv6): Disabled
NS Offload: Disabled
Speed & Duplex: 10 Mbps Half Duplex
TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4): Disabled
UDPChecksum Offload (IPv4): Disabled
TCP Checksum Offload (IPv6): Disabled
UDPChecksum Offload (IPv6): Disabled

The stock firmware will write into the boot loader space when flashing from stock to openwrt. There are specific instructions when flashing the C2v1 which involves DD copy some bytes from stock and appending it to openwrt before flashing. However, if you are not inclined to do this someone has already done this beforehand and uploaded the openwrt initramfs on github somewhere.

Yes, I beleive it is this:

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If you want to recover your C2 I am willing to desolder my flash chip and read it with an spi programmer and upload the rom onto my google drive for you to reflash. You will need to get yourself an spi programmer with crocodile clip. Desolder your flash from the board and place it in the crocodile clip (keep in mind pin 1 on the chip is lined up with pin 1 on the clip otherwise you will zap the chip). Load ubuntu and download flashrom then write the .bin file to your flash and resolder it back onto the board.

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Broke uboot is among posibilities, but initial description kind of indicates 2nd uboot is flashed where kernel should have been

If so, then its prertty much screwed? and

would be the only option?

You have uboot for recovery in place if you uploaded correct file with tftp, though verify file you used _V1_160512, if you did not cut header you need to solder as you have wiped bootloader too.
the recovery image looks even-sized, like you correctly prepped it