Help, I flashed a Netgear EX3700

so i have a netgear ex3700 wifi extender that was not working right .
so i flashed it and it was working great i reboot the extender and now it will not give the system an Ip address. How do i hard reset this thing if anyone knows how reset this thing !!

Thanks in advance

Hello. Maybe this link can help you.

thanks for that link i was able to hard reset now i am getting dhcp out of it but having a hellva time connecting to my verizon router

Can you describe it more?

I have gone in an enabled the wifi opewrt wifi
It's set to an accress point. I go in an force the ex3700 to join my routers network. Then I can't obtain an IP address client side of the Access point. This is racking my brain.

Maybe you need relayd.