Help! I cannot do anything on my router!

I did an upgrade with a aio trx build so I could get advancedtomato instead. But now when I do in my browser i get an error 404 message, and ssh is refusing to connect. What can I do? My router is a netgear r7000.

Did you install OpenWrt or advancedtomato?

If OpenWrt, what specific build did you install?

I installed OpenWrt and the attempted to install advancedtomato afterwards with a .rtx file. For some reason now I cannot access the router completely, not through my browser nor ssh.

So to clarify... you had OpenWrt installed. And you then tried to install advancedtomato instead -- so you were 'upgrading' from OpenWrt to AT?

Yes. But now, I cannot access the router. All I can do is click the reset button but that doesn't do anything. Its powered on, and the 2.4GHz, 5 GHz, status, and ethernet 1 ports are all lit.

What you did was not something supported by OpenWrt. Typically it is recommended that a router is flashed back to the factory firmware before changing to another firmware type. This is because the firmware upgrade mechanisms for each distro work differently and expect the files to be structured in a certain way.

You should probably ask in the AT forums.

You might be able to do tftp or serial recovery.

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They do not have a fourms. Thats why I am asking for help in the OpenWrt community, considering its all people who are experts at networking.

We are experts in OpenWrt and networking. We are not experts in advancedtomato. It’s like going to a dermatologist for a diagnosis of a neurological issue since the dermatologist and the neurologist are both types of doctors.

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The firmware of advanced tomatos never flashed, I am still on luci. Only originally prior to when I did my own "troubleshooting" (by pressing the reset button in various ways), when I attempted to access the router via my browser, it displayed a Luci Configuration startup, then a 404 error message.

If you unplug your computer and plug it back in again, do you get an IP address from the router? If so, what is it?

I suspect that the router is not actually booting OpenWrt anymore, just a browser cache issue.

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I expected that as well, so I cleared my browser cache, and then I was completely unable to access the router via my browser.

Right. It’s dead. The firmware update failed. You will need to follow the link @Grommish provided and try to recover it from the current broken state.

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