Help: GL.iNet Beryl AX (OpenWrt) periodic Wi-Fi drops when connected to Wi-Fi with multiple APs

Hello OpenWrt community,

I am running OpenWrt 23.05.3 on a GL.iNet Beryl AX (MT3000). I have configured it to connect to a specific Wi-Fi network (A) and broadcast its own network (B).

Issue: Periodically, all clients connected to network B are dropped. I suspect this happens when the router switches between multiple APs broadcasting network A, causing it to restart its own Wi-Fi.

Temporary Fix: For now, locking the router to a specific AP using the BSSID resolves the issue.

Question: Can I configure the router to avoid dropping clients when switching between APs – without locking it to a specific one? I need it to dynamically pick the best AP depending on my location in the building.

Thank you for any help or suggestions!

Not really enough information, are you broadcasting an SSID on the same radio that's connecting to an AP?

The Travelmate package might be what you need.

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Thank you so much this is exactly what I am looking for. I will give it a go.

I had the same issue when using two different radios for whatever reason. But travelmate seems to fix this issue for me.

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