Help for respawning Process/Service in case of failure

I have created a Init.d like:

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
# Example script
# Copyright (C) 2007

start() {        
        echo start
        /usr/bin/php-cli -f /path-to-php-script

stop() {          
        echo stop
	    kill -9 $(pgrep -f NameOfPhpScript)

restart() {          
        echo restart
	    kill -9 $(pgrep -f NameOfPhpScript)
	    /usr/bin/php-cli -f /path-to-php-script

So far, so good the service starts up the script (which runs continious in the background).
But sometimes the Script (and the Process) dies and does not start again automatically.

So i thougt about a respawning process in /etc/inittab instead of init.d like:

::respawn:/usr/bin/php-cli -f /path-to-php-script

It starts the process at boot time as expected but:
It's starting very early in the boot process so the script cannot succesfully execute.
And it doesn't restart if i kill the process.

So i would be very happy for a sugestion, what i can do here to implement this in a good way.
Hint: Im still a Linux dummy :smiley:


Why not wrap it in a procd init script