Help for Neewbie : Flashing Meraki MR18

Dear All,

My name is polarrys and I would have to have help about flashing Meraki MR18. Chris advice me to connect to this forum to have help.
I want to use the MR18 on my house and want to administrate it on local. My first question is : LEDE or OpenWRT. I read lot of information and it seems LEDE is very simple to use.

The first step for is to know the firmware installed on my MR18. Chris Blake, say that I must have an UART adapter to connect the MR18 with my PC. Then, I will know my firmware.

So, I want to buy an UART for my Cisco Meraki MR18. Can you tell me a reference or an internet link to buy it. I'm living in France.

Thanks a lot for this community.

Hi, I successfully installed LEDE on my MR18. I used the Aadafruit UART USB cable:

I don't know if they ship to France.

FYI, I used the guide @tmomas linked to above, and Flashing Method C worked for my device.

tmomas, chris,

Thanks for your response.
I have commanded my UART adapter from eBay :

I hope it will ok for flashing meraki MR18. I will tell you :slight_smile:

With this UART, my first step is to have my version firmware. What is the command to have the version ? and which local webserver application do i use ? I want a very simple soft to do that.

I use Windows server 2016 and I have a Cisco router :wink:

This is some information to my meraki account :
MR 24.12 ( I think the Method C is the good)
Released Oct 17, 2017

Thanks for your help.

Dear all,

I received my UART and I want to use it.
I install python 2 on my computer and I'm using Windows Server 2016.

The first step to install the firmware is to initialise the webserver by using a command : python -m SimpleHTTPServer

I use Python 2.7 but when i write this command on python, i have an invalid syntax. When I use cmd or PowerShell in Windows I have the same result.

Which soft do you use for this command ?


You might try the Silicon Labs CP210x drivers and software...

Dear jwoods,

I installed all Silabs product but I don't find a terminal to enter the code : python -m SimpleHTTPServer.
I find a soft : Tera Term to modify the properties of the port but I can't write the command.

Please which soft do you use to flash ther meraki?


OK, I download Tera Term, an UART Console but I can't start the command python -m SimpleHTTP to stat a webserver on my computer.

Is anybody can help me ?


Hello polarrys.

If you are having trouble with the python web server, you could try a different web server. As you are using Windows Server, you could add the IIS role and use it to host the files you need.

Dear All,

I would like to thanks all people that help me for flashing MR18.... IT'S DONE.

I flash my MR18 (build 24-201709141029-Ge5080440-clip) with LEDE 17.01.4

Thanks a lot for my neewbies questions.



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