Help Flashing RE220 v2

Good evening,

Could someone provide me some step-by-step instructions on how to flash my RE220 v2?
I tried doing it today and had some problems (also known as bricking it...)

Here's what I did if that helps.

  1. Tried flashing squashfs-factory.bin via web interface (Got error)
  2. Flashed with older firmware from 2019.
  3. Tried flashing again.
  4. Device seems to lock up and becomes bricked.

I am willing to accept that I may have been at fault here - Did I simply not wait long enough? There was no LED activity, I don't think.

Many thanks.

It might be helpful to know which error exactly you got.

Hi tmomas, Thanks for your reply.
I think it was "unable to upgrade", like this post.

To clarify, I mean I failed to flash OpenWRT via the OEM firmware.

Are you sure your hardware is v2?

The v2 firmware does not work on v1 or v3 RE220 hardware.

Yes, it's definitely a v2.

It's a shame I'll likely need to return this unit for the RMA, as I'm betting they'll send me a v3 unit as a replacement.

Don't bother with OpenWrt on these devices. There just doesn't seem to be the appetite to get it to work well. Shame because they are small and dinky little devices. But stock firmware was better. If you have the $$$ then consider just buying a few RT3200's as wireless repeaters / router.

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I just flashed one, here is what it looked like:

0:00 stock firmware connect to
0:00 2 solid green lights on
0:00 select 22.03.0-rc5 firmware and click upgrade, click yes
factory w/ hash cabdfa176a6e94890e146979ffec45f483c2f3245080e8cece86e9ebedd32a72
0:01 1 solid green, 1 flashing green
1:12 all lights off, rebooting message in web gui
2:10 1 green light flashing, IP on pc assigned IP
2:50 1 green light flashing, successfully connect to LUCI on

So, 3 min or less to flash.

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OK but does 5Ghz radio work in a stable way and give reasonable performance? When I last tested it all went bad. But admittedly that was some time ago. I'd love to know if OpenWrt works on these finally and any iperf3 benchmarks for WiFi performance.

I just used them for experimenting, no heavy load. They seem to stay connected fine over several days for a 5GHz uplink.

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Sounds cool. 5Ghz WDS uplink and connect on 2.4Ghz? I'd love to know what bandwidth you get through that?

Such a cool form factor these devices.

This is really useful, thank you.

Hi all,
Thanks again for your responses.

They sent me a v3 unfortunately, so until someone figures out how to flash I'll just keep it around.
I've marked @jedboy's post as the solution as it's most likely to help someone else in the future.

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