Help flashing Fenvi wr1800k with tftpd

enter u-boot console.

execute tftpboot, and send the initramfs over.
then execute bootm

you should hopefully get the initramfs booted.

then flash the sysupgrade image via the initramfs.

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In putty console key stocks are not working. I hit enter but nothing happens. Typing is not working ! I tried changing putty terminal setting local echo : auto /force on/ force off
Local line editing : auto /force on/ force off.
But nothing seems to work.

Forgot to mention putty is not showing any
logs when gnd wire is connected. It’s only working and showing this log when GND is disconnected and only tx and rx is connected

I was able to flash x wrt firmware XWRT WR1800K-AX NAND through GUI. Later flash openwrt firmware.

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how did you flash xwrt ? through the stock webui ?

Yes. Directly through stock web ui upgrade option.

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I received today your same router and, as you said in the other topic, before I flashed the xwrt initramfs throught the stock webui, then the xwrt sysupdate and everything went well. Now I can use it as repeater + wireguard client (to my home network in other country) with a really good speed. Seeing it work so good for around 20€ I decided to order another one.