Help fixing R7800 blinking white light after flash

I flashed my R7800 with 18.06.1 and the result was the R7800 endlessly blinking the power icon with a white light. The network is unreachable so I can't reach any firmware on the router.

Anybody know how I can fix this?

If you came from OpenWrt/ LEDE <18.06.0, you really need to upgrade via tftp - for the background, read:

How exactly do I transfer the firmware over to the router. I have the tftpd64 setup with "Current Directory" to where the factory firmware is. And I set "Server interfaces" to (which is also the manually set IP of my computer.

Turn off router with reset button held in, orange blinking, then when white blinking starts, I let off reset button and nothing happens.

Anybody have any idea how to get the tpt server to send the load? Nothing is happening when I let off the reset button.

Did I cause a problem by trying to install the sysupgrade package? Is the TFT method still supposed to work after I attempted to install the sysupgrade package?

I resolved this. For anyone interested, that tftpd64 program is a piece of junk. Instead, enable Windows TFTP client and use tftp -i PUT . This will actually work, unlike that tftpd64 program.

You should have used tftpd64 as tftp client, instead of server mode. It works quite OK with R7800 tftp flashing.

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