Help extracting ath10k calibration data from bootloader


while working on the FRITZ!Box 3490, I need to extract the firmware/calibration data for a QCA9880 from the flash. Since the device does not have an ART or a separate radio partition, I'm having a hard time figuring out what to extract.It's definitely somewhere in "urlader", I can see the string "AVM3490_CAL2_V3" which leads me to believe it must be somewhere around this offset (it's near 0x1985 where some other FRITZ devices have their calibration data).

Can somebody give me a bit of guidance what to look for (any magic numbers?), please?


To be honest, when I ported OpenWrt to 7362, I basically dumped urlader partition, found what looked like calibration data and played with the values until it worked (taking common sense into account).

Take a look at this file if you haven't already, it will give you an idea on what to look for.
It could be zlib-compressed, in that case, check this out.

Thanks, I already looked there without too much success. What would help a lot are exemplary calibration files from an ath10k device - the 7362 uses ath9k exclusively, right?

I found some dumps at that are even for the same wireless cards. I'll have a look at them tomorrow.

EDIT: After comparing the dumps, it was actually quite easy to figure out the offset and the length parameter. In fact, the offset is the same as for other FRITZ!Box's (0x198A), but the length is 0x844.