[Help/Documentation] Make Config Options

Hello everyone, I am currently trying to compile a pretty much stock OpenWrt 23.05.0 build for the RB5009, in accordance to the instructions in issue #2 of adron's GitHub project page for OpenWrt for the Mikrotik RB5009, and since make informed me that adron's config was out of date, I decided to go over the options with make config.

My issue here, is that many of the options are undocumented (or not documented well), and while many I can just ignore and rely on the defaults (which I would have expected to be the same settings that are generally used for official releases, which I am trying to follow, in order to not have to worry about package incompatibilities down the road, at least until someone manages to get Mikrotik's v7 bootloader to play nicely with OpenWrt and have the RB5009 officially supported), there are some which sound as though they should be enabled (such as some package feeds, like the LuCI feed) or disabled (like certain capabilities that assist in debugging), and it has gotten to the point that I am genuinely confused what should be set as default and what should not.

If someone could help me go over and understand them, I would be very grateful, and if I can assist in improving the documentation, both on the Wiki and what is included with make config, I would be very happy to do so.

I won't be available until Sunday, unfortunately, however I will make sure I am available next weeks in the nights of my timezone (like right now).

The documentation for any of that is inside Kconfig's definition of each config symbol, some better, some worse, but that's what it is.

Thanks, and I am sorry about the delay, as I have currently again do not have access to my desktop, so even this is delayed.

Regarding the KConfig definitions, it seemed as though many of the packages lacked any documentation, however I'll dig deeper.