Help Creating Private Network with Dual Radio Repeater (Hotel Wifi - Travel Router)

Ah I see,

I agree that it would make it a little more convenient for me, especially if I have 2.4 GHz clients like you mentioned or I was connecting to multiple hotspots. The latter issue of “No AP when the STAtion is not available” is a non-issue since this is dual radio. However, due to limited Flash MB I've decided I don't need it for now.

Looking on to the VPN side of things, I looked into Logan's guide mentioned above my @psherman but it lacks the ability for me to enable/disable the VPN from the UI.

I followed this guide instead to try and setup a VPN since it allows UI functionality.

But, again I ran into the problem where the guide only pertains to single band radios. Please could someone help me change the firewall settings such that I can use it with a dual band radio.

He mentions in the guide that the firewall forwarding settings should be like:

config zone
    option name 'VPN_FW'
    other options

config forwarding                               
    option dest 'VPN_FW'                    
    option src 'lan' 

Since I am using a dual band radio, I already have the following forwarding settings in my firewall:

config forwarding
    option src 'lan'
    option dest 'wan'

I tried adding two forwarding configs such that it forwarding from lan -> VPN_FW -> wan but that did not work. My non-working forwarding config looked like follows:

config forwarding
    option src 'lan'
    other dest 'VPN_FW'

config forwarding                               
    option src 'VPN_FW'                    
    option src 'wan' 

Appreciate the guidance :slight_smile:

I made a new topic for the VPN configurations because it is slightly off-topic for this. Please comment here.

Thank You Everyone in this thread for helping me achieve this!