Help creating custom image

Hi, new to the group and to Openwrt, Successfully built a standard image for my Raspberry Pi, but wanted to create a custom image to include the driver for a USB to Ethernet adapter. I am using an old laptop with Fedora Server 37 and following steps from a YouTube video posted by Dev Odyssey titled "How to build an OpenWRT image // Compile and Install for Raspberry Pi". I was at the step to run command "./scripts/feeds update -a" and received the following"

**Build dependency: Please install ncurses. (Missing or ncurses.h)
Build dependency: Please install GNU 'patch'

Prerequisite check failed. Use FORCE=1 to override.
gmake: *** [/root/openwrt/include/ staging_dir/host/.prereq-build] Error 1**

I installed the ncurses-dev library and reran the command, but the GNU patch error still comes up. I verified I had the latest GCC with the gcc -v command, but now I'm stuck.
Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks

Compiling from source is supported only on Debian / Ubuntu type distributions. There is an online tool to make custom images at After choosing the model, click the arrow next to "customize installed packages" and add your kmod to the end of the list.


Thanks, didn't know about the Linux Distro limitation, I will try the link you provided or reload another laptop with Debian or Ubuntu. I appreciate the fast reply

fedora appears in the list supported *nix flavours.

@mk24 After the custom build shows complete, do I just download using the same download buttons? Or do I have to pull the customized build from a different repository? Thanks

I wouldn't go this far. Yes, the official buildbots are Debian/stable based, but basically any 'normal' general purpose linux distribution (and MacOS, WSL2) can be used for this - how well treaded (and {un-,}documented) these alternatives paths are (and in case of very progressive distros, e.g. arch and fedora at times, where very recent upstream tools might unearth new issues first) is another question, but they will work - if handled properly.

…and in this case, you're apparently just missing some necessary build-dependencies (ncurses -dev/ header packages), which aren't always called the same (but often similarly) between different distributions.

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I know this isn't timely but yes, just use the download button after the custom build finishes. It has been a few moths since I used it but I think I recall having a question about the shasums. Be sure to copy the sha256sum of the file you download right away if you do check them. A refresh of the firmware-selector page will revert to showing you the pre-built images and sha256sums.