Help configuring visibility

Hi all,
Currently I have the following configuration:

  • ISP router with ip range 192.168.1.X
  • Wifi mesh wired to isp router with ip range 192.168.68.X
  • Xiaomi ax3600 with openwrt wired to the second node of the wifi mesh

With the default configuration, the Xiaomi router generates a 192.168.1.X network and there's no visibility with the devices from the other networks.

How I should configure my network to have visibility between all my devices?

Please draw a system topology diagram, complete with ip addresses, brand/model of devices, and firmware in use (vendor vs openwrt) so we can better understand how these things connect to each other.

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For starters, the mesh network should use the same range as the ISP network. Then, we need to understand the role of the AX3600.