Help configuring TL-WA850RE

Hi guys,

I needed an extra AP and thought I'd reuse a TP Link TL-WA850RE that laying around collecting dust. This device is a repeater but it supports OpenWrt. I managed to install OpenWrt without any issues, however, I am having trouble getting it to work as an AP. The guides that I follow all assume the device I am configuring has a WAN and a LAN port. Maybe that is the problem.

The TL-WA850RE only has 1 port. in OpenWrt, that 1 port is labeled LAN by default.
I have followed this guide and yet there doesn't seem to be a connection to the internet, even though I have tested using the exact same LAN side settings on a laptop.

Does anyone know what I am missing here?

Sorry to hijack this, which OpenWRT version were you able to install on it?