Help configuring as Bridge

I have recently installed 23.05.0 on a Echolife HG556a ver C.

I have a number of wired devices that I'd like to set up in a wireless environment (running cables isn't an option), and I'd like to try and setup OpenWrt to do this if it's possible.

So far, I have setup two interfaces - Lan with a static address of and as a
bridge, and wwan - DHCP client and set up as a client attached to the nearest WiFi AP.

I've tried to work my way through the documentation, but I have been unsuccessful. Please could some kind soul walk me through the right steps?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure if you have found some relevant documentation but here it is :slight_smile:

If possible setup as WDS :

If that is not possible use relayd:

I personally would avoid the latter and would use powerline adapters if a cable is not possible.

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wwan goes to wan firewall zone and br-lan stays in lan. All machines will use one address towards wwan access point. For other assignments you need to agree with your "provider"