Help configure as Dumb AP

I'm completely new to OpenWRT and want to use my router as an AP. I have reset my router and is running latest OpenWRT. I have looked at this guide using the gui to configure it:

On step three, I cannot set the IPv4 Gateway address to my other second router, I get an error saying: The Gateway address must not be a local ip address

So how do I set my routers address?

Also there is no "Wireless" settings for my Netgear R7000. How do I enable wifi?

Make sure you’re not setting the IPv4 address the same as the gateway in the AP.

See screenshot attached as an example. You want the AP to have an address in the subnet but not the same as the router.

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Warning: Don't check the "Ignore interface" under the DHCP settings until the very last step or you won't be able to finish pre-configureing the router and changing it to an AP for your existing network. If you've already locked yourself out of the interface this way, then holding the reset button to start over will likely be the easiest.

How do I set my router's address:

  • go to Network, Lan, Edit and set the following:
  • IPv4 address: 192.168.x.3 (or something that is not used on your network and not in the DHCP range starting at about 192.168.x.100 and up
  • IPv4 gateway: 192.168.x.1 (or whatever your standard router's IP address is, e.g. open Windows command prompt and try "ipconfig /all" to see your existing network gateway
    -Use custom DNS servers: 192.168.x.1 (set as the same as you entered for the IPv4 gateway)

Enable wifi:

  • connect router LAN cable port to laptop LAN & go to Network, Interfaces, LAN & set a unique IP such as 192.168.x.3 or some address that is not in use or at minimum is outside of the IP range of assignment of DHCP (normally where 192.168.x.1 or 192.168.x.254 or whatever your gateway is (on windows check with command prompt "ipconfig /all" while connected to local LAN
  • on router sign in and go to Network, Wireless, set up SSID (wifi broadcast name)
  • click Advanced and set WPA2-PSK password of your liking
  • save changes

See if that works and you can get in via wifi. The very last step is to turn off the DHCP server with the "Ignore interface" check mark. Once you do that, the router has to be plugged into the existing LAN or you won't be getting an IP address when you attach to it as an AP..