Help configuration Wifi Network with OpenVPN

Hi all!

I just finished to follow the tutorial to install OpenVPN on my R8000 router (Openwrt 19.07)

( [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenVPN client using LuCI).

On LAN connexion, everything is working fine!

Now, I want to diffuse this network by Wifi and I don't know how to make it.

I have tried to active WIFI and affect LAN value / TUN0 / WAN and nothing is working. I can reach the wifi network but I can't have internet.

Could you please tell me the right procedure ?

Many thanks.


I tried to create a new Wireless network and to configure the firewall. I can confirm that is working but it’s very very slow (2Mbs). I’m using a CyberGhost VPN.

Is-it normal? How can I improve this behaviour ? Do you know a tutorial to explain ?

Many thanks.