Help compiling image for TP LINK WR940N V4 (US)

What's wrong here? I can't find the factory or sysupgrade.bin file, I do everything like in the Quick image buiding guide, and I have all the neccesary dependences installed. Image VMLINUX file it's 4,3 MB and the another one just 1,3 MB.

Everything with the complitation process was looking normal, it takes about 6 hours to finish the process.

I need help! I need urgently the system for my router (TP-LINK WR940N V4(US) ), that's very annoying to work with the stable version provided by LEDE.

I just add LUCI, DDNS app and SQM app & scripts...

What I need to do?

Your device has only 4MB flash.
What happens if you build the image without LuCI?

That's true, but the image doen't have to appear as factory and sysupgrade? And in this case I just get two files: generic-uImage-Izma.bin and generic-vmlinux.bin... When I install the stable version provided by LEDE, that includes LUCI by default without major issues, but I can't install other packages because I get a lot of different problems. Sometimes I can install packages as DDNS app or SQM (I need both urgently) but my memory goes down and my router turns very unstable (DDNS don't start.. Fake memory occupied.. SSH access denied to some features...). When I install the stable version with LUCI included I have about 1,58 MB of free space. I just need a build with LUCI, DDNS and SQM installed by default.

I am sorry for my english, I hope you guys can understand me and keep giving ideas. Thank you a lot for your support! @tmomas