[HELP] BW Wi-Fi Autologin & Client Mode Connecting To Weaker AP (Same SSID)

Hi, I Have Installed Open WRT on 2 Homehub 5a Routers (Plusnet Hubs Actually) and have everything installed and runing, i would like to automate the login of the "BT Wi-Fi" Network using a script (Currently need to disable Rebind protection to get the login page) Here is info on automatic login https://gist.github.com/sscarduzio/05ed0b41d6234530d724

Im Also Setting 1 Up To Connect to Any Available BT Wi-Fi Hotspot (There are 6 in range of my hub) but after reboot it has a tendancy to connect to a weaker hotspot, i assume its just latching onto the first one it sees, any way to let it wait and connect based on signal strength?