Help BUY: Device with CPU atheros vs cortexA53, who survive better after EOL from manufacturor?


Wanna buy a GL inet Brume or a Slate.

Factors affecting my choice: EOL date, CPU, storage, popularity

Reason to buy Brume:

EOL date: Brume longer date til EOL
Slate EOL after 1 yr, Brume EOL after 2 yr… (Assume 3yr official support)

Storage: Brume 's emmc don’t have close source driver problem
Both have 16MB Nor but Slate also have 128MB Nand, which the close source driver may NEVER occur in OPENwrt, Such that after EOL, it may only live with 16MB Nor (unless u trust 3rd party).
Brume have 16MB Nor + 8GB emmc, which don’t have close source driver problem.

Reason to buy Slate:

CPU: Slate 's CPU more common among openwrt, suppose better supported.
Slate use Atheros, Brume use Armada cortexa53, only handful device use them.

Popularity: Slate much more popular
Much more people use Slate, at the moment, as Brume is a new thing. More support on Slate.

Some OTHER comparison:

Brume is 2X the money (Brume 140 USD, slate 70 USD), but 5X+ more powerful:

Brume vs Slate:
CPU: 5x CPU power vs 1x (OpenVPN ~100Mbps vs ~20Mbps)
Ram: 10x vs 1x (1G vs 128MB)
Storage: both 16MB Nor, but 80x vs 1x (8GB emmc vs 128MB nand)
(wifi is 300Mbps vs 433Mbps)

(honestly brume have better Cost/Performance valuve. )

I currently use openwrt as PERIMETER router as they updated most, should more secure.
My inner router (I do double NAT) provide wifi and USB2/3 and services like BT etc.

Thank you.