Help Build image - EDUP AZ800


I have an EDUP AZ800 4g router which i need to install openwrt in it, but theres no image from openwrt to the router. This means i have to compile image to it, which never did. To basic functions, i just need to add ZeroTier package.

Below a pdf from Edup with its specs:
pdf charact

Is there an image i could use that could be similar to this router?
Can anyone help?


The device isn't supported by OpenWrt at this point, you can't 'just compile' OpenWrt for it - you'd have to invest the leg work to actually develop support for it first. While that might be relatively straight forward for a -presumably- bog standard mt7628 device with 8/128, someone with the opened device on their desk and a serial console attached will still have to do that.

Given the rather uninspired systems specs (mt7628 and only 8 MB flash; supportable and sufficient, but not great - and better alternatives are cheap and plenty), I don't really see anyone but you yourself willing to take this task.

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I was trying to follow the steps from openwrt_Buildsystem , and thought was just missing correct selection in menuconfig. Maybe not?

I´m not an IT guy; just trying to get a solution for remote view/control of HMI panels from my projects using Zerotier. And i just need that, basic router solution with zerotier package.

When you say "and better alternatives are cheap and plenty", could you suggest some then? With already support from openwrt and an integrated 4g modem?
Integrated 4g modem was the reason i bought this AZ800 to try out.

Thank you!!

No maybe, it's a lot more involved.

I wouldn't look at mt7620 anymore, mt7621a is its direct successor, not necessarily much more expensive, but faster and better supported. LTE/ 5g is a topic I'm not really following though, but e.g. ZBT have supported devices in their portfolio.

For hardware recommendations please open a new topic in the Hardware Questions and Recommendations category of this forum.

Please see before asking for recommendations. This way you will get better recommendations and come to a quicker solution.

Thanks! :slight_smile: