Help between choosing routers: Linksys E8450 vs Xiaomi AX6S 3200

Hi everyone,

I recently moved to New Zealand and I'm facing some internet issues with the router provided by my ISP, the TPLink Deco AX20 DSL. Unfortunately, this router doesn't support openwrt flashing. Just to give you an idea, my current internet connection is quite speedy, with 900mbps for downloads and 500mbps for uploads.

So, here's the plan: I want to move my Deco X20 routers upstairs to the 2nd floor and get a new router for the 1st floor, where I have only two rooms.

I did some research and found two options: the Xiaomi AX6S 3200 and the Linksys E8450. They seem quite similar in terms of their CPU and RAM. One important thing to mention is that I don't want a router with only 16MB of flash memory and 128MB of RAM; it should start at 128MB for both flash and RAM.

Given my speedy internet, I'm a bit unsure about which router to choose. I'd really appreciate your advice and a simple comparison to help me decide. Your help means a lot to me. Thanks!

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