Help asked for VLAN;s setup using luci

I need some help.

I am trying to isolate a port on my router using a VLAN except for ssh to it and accessing a server on it from the other VLAN's. All VLAN's/ports are to be able to access the internet.

I have succeeded in isolating the VLAN/port and making the net accessible to devices on it.
I can ssh to the devices on the isolated VLAN from the router.
I cannot ssh or ping the server on the isolated VLAN, neither can I access a web server on it via a browser on other VLAN's.

I thought the firewall zone forwarding would allow me. It didn't and neither did adding the traffic rule (see below).

What setting am I missing here, or have I misunderstood the way of setting up VLAN's and their purposes completely?

My current settings are;

On the switch:

Port CPU(eth0) CPU(eth1) LAN1 LAN2 LAN3 LAN4 WAN

1 tagged off untag untag untag off off
4 tagged off off off off untag off
10 off tagged off off off off untag


Force link
Bridge interfaces eth0.1
firewall zone: lan:lan
DHCP Server: Dynamic DHCP

Force link
Bridge Interfaces eth0.1 eth0.4
firwall zone: lan4:LAN4
DHCP Server: Dynamic DHCP

Firewall Zones->forwarding

lan -> wan accept accept accept
wan -> REJECT reject reject reject
lan4 -> wan accept accept accept

Traffic Rules

Forwarded IPv4
From lan
To lan4
accept forward

Thanks for any help.

  • You don't say which VLAN (assume VLAN 4)
  • Why didn't you just show the configs? (this is the oddest pasting job I've seen...when asking for help for a GUI)
    • You don't show the relevant firewall configs
  • Looking at the switch config (which a screenshot [or the config] would be easier)...
  1. You haven't created a VLAN 10 interface (or didn't show the config)
  2. It seems you bridged PHYs eth0.1 and eth0.4 when making LAN 4...they're not isolated
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Give /etc/config/network, especially switch configuration sections.

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