Help: After compiling Trojan into openwrt , do I need to set the port forwarding of openwrt?and how to set

Problem:pc B can access, but even if trojan has been started, it is still unable to access

Network environment:
pc A
as bypass gateway, pc A (openwrt) address:,
pc B

trojan-client (on pc A) config profile:

"run_type": "client",
"local_addr": "",
"local_port": 1080,
"remote_addr": "",
"remote_port": 443,
"password": [
"log_level": 1,
"ssl": {
"verify": true,
"verify_hostname": true,
"cert": "/etc/fullchain.crt",
"cipher_tls13": "TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256:TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256:TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384",
"sni": "",
"alpn": [
"reuse_session": true,
"session_ticket": false,
"curves": ""
"tcp": {
"no_delay": true,
"keep_alive": true,
"reuse_port": false,
"fast_open": false,
"fast_open_qlen": 20

Test on computer B cmd shows:
it's working.

question: what should i do next.

and openwrt version: v19.07.7

wow~ ,may be i should try the other way :robot:

What do you "compile into OpenWrt" if Trojan is something that runs on a PC?

Admittedly not knowing anything about Trojan, it looks like you are trying to proxy all of PC B's Internet use through PC A. Then PC A would alter this traffic and send it out via its regular LAN connection to the (Chinese firewalled) Internet. It is unclear if anything about the router needs to be unconventional.

I think this configuration means the Trojan process is only listening on the localhost interface of PC A. It would not respond to

It is not malware, it is a tool/proxy to bypass chinese state firewall

yep, I want to bypass the GFW by setting the bypass router( which mean pc A,and it system is openwrt)

this is trojan(

i think the same as u, perhaps it is necessary to forward the data packets of the network segment to It is not very clear for now.

i will try the other way.

anyway ,thansk for ur reply!

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