Help adding support to a new device (DG-8045)

Openwrt is designed as a complete OS, and would fully replace everything on the original device except for bootloader, bootloader config, and sometimes WiFi firmware if that’s provided under a separate partition. So no , not possible to run it under original kernel. But to be honest, it’s usually so old you probably shouldn’t anyway due to security issues.

I’d suggest just posting photos and your analysis on this thread right here. If you take some high res photos top and bottom of your board I might be able to identify the serial pinouts .

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These are pictures of my router but I didn't uncover that silver plate. It's in front and in back of the board and it's soldered

![IMG_20200501_164934|666x500, 100%]

I don’t see anything obvious from those photos. Its unlikely but the serial pinout might be underneath the plate sections if you’re willing to remove those. It’s also possible that the manufacturer removed the serial on the production boards after dev and testing was completed...

Idk yet but if say we didn't find any serial pinouts (which will be like that if i understand correctly)

that will mean we have no chance to get a OpenWrt to wok on it?

They might be pinout holes that are unpopulated / yet to be soldered too.

But yeh if you don’t have serial is a much harder task (maybe even impossible)

If this router is luckily impassible to have OpenWrt ported to it.
I have three other routers. anyone of them needs some work but could have a potential to be supported? 1-Huawei HG531 V1 || 2-Huawei HG532n || 3-ZTE ZXHN H108N V2.5

Huawei HG531 V1

Huawei HG532n


That bottom board has a serial pinout, but please open a new thread for that one since this thread is about the DG-8045.

As for the other 2 Huawei boards and the DG-8045 , I don’t see any pinouts for serial... Perhaps the manufacturer has something in there they don’t want anyone to see :thinking: and/or want to guarantee the end of life point for the device... either way, It looks unlikely to get support for this device.

I kinda have a feeling that these pins might be the serial pins but not referred to. How can I check?

and I'm wondering about smth. Since it has a USB, Are there anyway to get the bootloader using it?

There’s some suggested methods on the wiki here

But looking at the pads you’ve indicated they don’t look like serial connections to me. Be careful, and be aware you could fry/damage your device .

There is still hope.
Pictures for the HG630 V2 don't seem to have pinouts for serial but Omarico had serial logs so maybe he found them (maybe the manufacturer soldered them to hide them??) I will just wait for his answer because we have nothing to do for now.

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@BlackDoma @error404v2 any update with the DG 8045 I am planning to buy one or should i just import a wrt router overseas?

Guys, dont lose hope ;_; im Egyptian too and with the same issue. what can i help with? to make/find a new software/firmware for that router?

@BlackDoma dont download random or similar softwares to the router as it may really harm it, i did try some software from ZTE co and my router is fucked rn, so.

Another Egyptian here, guys! :sunglasses:
I wish if someone who has programming knowledge can build openwrt for popular routers in Egypt :egypt:
Good luck guys

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@BlackDoma @error404v2 @Nagar @Nader

Tayeb ya gama3a.

Ana eli 3amel el post bta3 HG630 v2.

Aiwa ana la2eet el headers bta3et el console port w 3andy programmer w SPI programmer w kol 7aga.

Fe3lan huawei me5abyenha w they are unmarked w fee header not connected aslan. Bs i got it fl a5er.

And yes the device accepts images using TFTP.

So yes we are in business. We just need to build our own images and test them. Leave the testing for me that's easy since i have access to the programmer and the serial port and TTL adapter.

i have hg 630 v2. i have huawei and 3bb firmwares if it helps or matters. but anyways,
how long is it gonna take for us to get open wrt working on it?

Hello, I am from Egypt and I hope you have reached the software for this model DG8045, because it is not stableimages.jpeg-١

I am Egyptian too .

I do believe all Egyptian are searching for the same.
Hope find it soonest.
Thanks to all.

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