Help adding new device support

Hello All,
I have a ramips platform router ZBT-WE1326 hardware revision v5. This revision has 256MB of RAM instead of 512 as the previous hardware revisions.
I am going to submit a push request to support this new v5.
I forked master and created a branch and finally modified these files to support the new ZBT-WE1326-v5:
And created the new .dts file target/linux/ramips/dts/ZBT-WE1326-v5.dts
Now I am stuck because I dont know what changes are required to file target/linux/ramips/base-files/lib/upgrade/
Do I need to make any change in that file?

When I take a look at targe/linux/ramips/base-files/lib/upgrade/, I'm not seeing anything ZBT or ZBT-WE1326 specific. So there's probably no need.

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Thank you,
I was asking because I saw that this file was modified when ZBT-WE1326 v1 was iniatilly supported, on commit;a=commit;h=ff258effd508fc75edfb08ba709b333619d3f1e8

This line was added @@ platform_check_image() {
"+ zbt-we1326|"

But yes, currently there is nothing specific to any ZBT device in that file.

The old firmware compatibility check code, which previously existed on, has been removed. If your device does not need a special upgrade (like a NAND device), no entry needs to be added to

EDIT: Also, instead of adding an entry to, use the compatible string in the device dts in 02_network.