Help about COMFAST CF-E120A v3

Hi guys,

I read that this CPE is supported.

Cannot find which Openwrt image i shall download and install via the Web gui ??

It seems that the device is not actually supported within the OpenWrt project.

I see some cf-exxx builds in ar71xx/generic, but not a 120.

It seems that the device is not actually supported within the OpenWrt project.

The stock firmware is a customized OpenWrt version. Plain OpenWrt can be installed from the web interface; just upload the sysupgrade image and flash it.

Current Release: snapshot

I referred to Technical Data page. It is described as "WiP" in Unsupported Functions and seems to be working for support.

The original firmware is based on Openwrt and the openwrt page suggests


a snapshot release without a installed GUI is supported. I am not sure which one to download.

Currently, in OpenWrt, firmware that can be installed to CF-E120A is not provided.

When the SOC is the same with many others TP-Link devices isn't it easy to have an OPENWRT build for this device ?

Relatively speaking, maybe (the vendor might enforce signed image verification and other hidden gems) - but it still needs to be done, by someone with the device on the desk.

Kind of off topic but has anybody done any OEM orders with Comfast? Their range and active OpenWrt support is impressive.

The code for support of CF-E120A v3 exists here, so you can build the firmware from this. (This code has not yet been merged into the OpenWrt project tree.)

@vesonet the device is already supported upstream, as per commit 59c2f8af8c4400baffb09d6f8ab4d2826e38726a . You'll find the flashing instructions there. :+1:

See Table of Hardware: Firmware downloads (filtered for CF-E120A v3)