Hello World web page outdated. Help!


I'm trying to learn how to create a new web page on my router using 23.05.rc2 and see how can i extract network/wireless data and display it on this new page.
The wiki pages about web development looks outdated as paths to lua/etc seems to not be present on this openwrt build.
Can someone help a noob openwrt web programmer pointing me to some up to date resources where i can learn? Maybe an example?

Thank you for your time!

does Best approach for adding custom web service functions? help ?

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In addition to the reply above, I'd check the existing applications at https://github.com/openwrt/luci/tree/master/applications, the ones which do not have/do not depend on lua -- that will give you understanding of the structure and the Makefiles of modern OpenWrt javascript apps. If you want to be able to configure things thru your app, you should also check out the OpenWrt luci API: https://openwrt.github.io/luci/jsapi/index.html.


Thank you both! With these examples i understand now how can i work with web pages in openwrt.

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