Hello my router is wr941nd

Hello my router is wr941nd
I install open wrt in my router but service is not found
Can any one help me to resolve this problems
Thx all

  • Please provide more information and details
  • Describe what you mean by "service is not found"

Be aware that the TL-WR941ND (no known hardware revision of it) is no longer supported by OpenWrt.

It is 4x32 device, get rid of it, and forget about it.

As others already pointed out,
OpenWrt support for that router ceased a while back.

If intent on continuing with OpenWrt, be aware that there are number of caveats.

The menuo of open wrt in not found i see more routers after installation this menuo is found

The menu of service not found i see some vedio and this menu is found why not found in my router

I need to install qos how to onstall this

Did you actually install OpenWrt? What specific image did you flash?

You aren’t likely to be able to fit any qos packages onto to atbrouter (not enough space), but even if you can, it probably won’t work well because it is pretty processor intensive and that device has very limited resources.

Can u help me

Give me link to install openwrt in my router wr941nd ver 3
To install qos in my open wrt

You almost certainly won’t be able to run qos on that device. It doesn’t have the resources and can only run a very outdated (and very much unsupported) version of OpenWrt.

Info is here if you want to try. But you should buy something that actually can do what you want with the resources necessary for running a current version.

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Thank you bro

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