Hello, I cannot access the webpage for the router and I got no clue how to solve it

I have no clue on how to solve this.

was it always like that ?
what did you do before it started happening ?
if this a new install, what device, and which image did you use for flashing ?


Hello, I used network chucks video on how to do this for the raspberry pi and after I installed the drivers for a usb dongle it and rebooted my device it just completely stopped working.

  • What is the topic of this video (we can't guess the video's content or what it told you to do)?
  • To do what for the Raspberry Pi?
  • Reset the device to defaults
  • Provide more information on the dongle, drivers, etc.

Likely this is about mismatched libubox versions. Older one installed first, then a new version installed along some package installation ( or a package upgrade). And so the old version required by a core component (ubus), is not there anymore.

Easiest is probably a reinstall.

The error possibly only affects LuCI gui, while you still have normal SSH console access.


Thank you.