HE Tunnelbroker and LAN Access

When using Tunnelbroker with my OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72, what would be the proper way to configure to allow certain device to be fully open to the internet via its IPv6 Address. So far we could ping the router using it's IPv6 address. But I can't ping any devices inside my LAN via its IPv6 address. If I want to open some devices up via IPv6 tunnel broker, how do I configure it? I try to paly around the firewall. Doesn't seem to do much.

You need to create a rule to allow traffic from wan to lan for ipv6 family and use the ip6 address and port for destination.

Is it possible to do in LUCI?

Network, Firewall, Rules tab.

I try to create a different zone named "Tunnelbroker" and assign tunnelbroker connection to it and allow input/forwarding. However, it seems like broke my IPv6 connection

Ok. Founded. In Firewall - Traffic Rules, I basically need to accept forwarding for IPv6 from WAN and put in rules to say which device