HE NET, shoud IPv6 protocol 59 be accepted on the firewall?

Dear friends,

Now that I enabled logging on the firewall, I see a lot of IPv6 protocol 59 messages being rejected.
This comes from the HEnet provider:

[ 1915.729501] REJECT(dest wan)IN=6in4-wan6 OUT=eth0 MAC=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx TUNNEL=216.66.xx.xx->77.206.y.yy SRC=2001:0000:9d38:6abd:1075:1ac3:c55e:9c83 DST=2001:0470:xx:xxx:xxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxx LEN=40 TC=0 HOPLIMIT=17 FLOWLBL=0 PROTO=59

So I enabled protocol 59:

config rule
option src 'wan'
option proto '59'
option target 'ACCEPT'
option name 'Allow-protocol 59'
option extra '-m length --length 40'

Does it seem a suitable rules for HE-net tunnels?

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This seems pretty safe, adding this to documentation if you don't mind.

Moving this post to documentation: