He.net DDns help

Hello, I am having problems with setting up he.net dns on my router.
I can't work out what to put as my domain and username.
I have already set up the he.net side
and the i put the password on openwrt as the keyfrom he.net.
the domain is m********.ga on he.net
and I created A naming it minecraft.m********.ga
I have enabled entry to dynamic dns.
the domain I paid for is m********.ga

If possible can someone make a youtube video on how to set he.net after you paid for a domain and ddns on openwrt for he.net

First install ddns-scripts.

Edit /etc/config/ddns to have a section like this:

config service 'he_ddns'
    option service_name 'he.net'
    option enabled '1'
    option lookup_host 'myhost.mydomain'
    option domain 'myhost.mydomain'
    option password 'my key from he.net'

Execute service ddns restart. After a few minutes run ping on the router to confirm you can ping your domain name. This will be amazingly fast since it's a local interface.

Additionally install luci-app-ddns. This should automatically install ddns-scripts if not already installed.
Log in to Luci. On the top bar pull down Services and choose Dynamic DNS. Type any short name (e.g. he_ddns) in the box next to the Add button then click the Add button.

This will open a new page to edit the provider information. Open the DDNS Provider list and choose he.net. Click "Really change provider". Wait for the page to reload. Tick the Enabled checkmark at the top. Enter your FQDN (hostname with domain name) in both the Lookup Hostname and Domain boxes. Enter the API password from he.net in the Password box. Save and apply.


I'm not sure this is true unless you're updating via an HE IPv6 tunnel...

No, but here's some steps you didn't mention whatsoever (and @mk24 did not mention):

  • First, these steps imply you are not also setting up your HE tunnel, otherwise, you can set the dynamic tunnel as a custom OpenWrt DDNS - and add the HE DNS Key to the tunnel config at the Tunnelbroker site :bulb:
  • You have to have a registered Global FQDN, and HE has to be it's DNS provider (you must have did this since HE let you create the zone and edit it)
  • Be sure when you setup the A Record, that you checked the following:


This button should be used the option to make a DDNS key:


  • You can then generate a key:


You use the the A record you setup and the key is the password (as noted in the screenshot).

Edit: The username is your HE account name.