Hd-idle not working on 18.06.2 as used to in the past

IIRC It worked on the versions before but now the disk won't spin down. What I find a little irritating is the fact although I want drive sda to spin down, the program appears in top with the used mountpoint:

/usr/bin/hd-idle -d -i 0 -a /mnt/hdd -i 1800

Anybody knows if this was / is the expected behavior? I was expecting sda

Addendum: Strange...although I entered 5min and also disabled it after an killall hd-idle it keeps restarting with 1800 seconds but prbably that is intended. After a reboot it was disabled.


  • after an manual applied /usr/bin/hd-idle -d -i 0 -a sda -i 300 the disks spins down
  • using luci hd-idle save&apply doesn't get it going, have to reboot

The end: after some fiddling around with luci gui and after another reboot now top shows correctly as expected in the first place: /usr/bin/hd-idle -d -i 0 -a sda -i 900

I changed the time but.....strange

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The accepted solution: Fiddling around ;- )

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