Haywire in networking

Can anyone able to say what is haywire?


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Hi tmomas,

Can you able to explain what is haywire? in networking because I knew the translation

In networking, "going haywire" means pretty much the same as anywhere else: it stops working or works erratically.


Hi Eduperez,
While I'm researching about troubleshooting in networking devices like (switch) I came across the word "HAYWIRE" repeatedly but I can't get it technically why it happens. If u have any article or document regarding it. please kindly share.
thanks in adv.

It's not a technical term. It means things go wrong with no apparent culprit or easily discoverable reason. Same as one would say 'the network is acting up', or 'behaving eratically' as eduperez said.


I'm researching about medical treatments, and have come across the expression "patient is ill", but I cannot understand what does that exactly means, or how should I treat an ill patient.

Do you see it...?


Thank you for u patience

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Just go on Netflix and watch for some kind of terror movie or action movie. There the bad guys go haywire before they loose to the good guys.

Some kind of synonym to haywire would probably “flip out” or “go crazy” or “go on a rampage”.
In networking maybe some kind of self inflicted DoS syndrome would be the synonym.

In general a diffuse fault description like “haywire” is a amateur level of fault description, and it is completely useless later when trying to solve the problem.

But if you want my best advice, don’t use information sources calling the network technology problem for “go haywire” as the official fault description or teaching of network technology because I don’t think the language in the rest of the articles are of higher grade than the use of haywire is in the first place.
The best way to learn how to solve problems is to learn how it should work in the first place, then you will recognize what it actually isn’t doing.
All basic problem solving means that you need to have a hypothesis of a desired result and then you observe the outcome of the input, the difference between those two are the problem. And the problem solving is to reduce the distance between the desired result and the outcome.
That means haywire isn’t a desired or undesired function, that is only a human emotion based expression of something/someone not doing what it/they should be doing.

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