Hawkings HOD45B AP

I recently picked up a Hawkings HOD45B Access Point for nearly $300 dollars when everything was said in done with shipping and handling. I'm less than pleased with the interface and options on this thing. It doesn't even have traffic shaping or bandwidth rate limiting like my $150 Engenius ENH201 which is like 8 yrs old at this point. Has anyone tried loading custom firmware on this thing yet? It has less options than a standard router >.<

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Does the device have a WikiDev page, or something with the hardware specs?

Doesn't look like we have anything on the wikidev site for it. I do have access to the physical device, but because we're using it to provide the park with wifi. I'm not sure I'd be aloud to take it apart atm lol

At this moment the device in question isn't supported. The question if it could be supported in the future depends on the hardware in use, just as well on the question if the OEM vendor (intentionally) made it hard ("impossible") to support it (e.g. by requiring signed firmware upgrades).

Once the basics about the hardware are known and assuming it to be potentially supportable, it still comes down to someone (at this point that would be you) with the device on their desk to actually port OpenWrt to it, to fill in the missing bits and pieces to get it working on a source level and to contribute the resulting patches to OpenWrt. For devices that aren't 'attractive' to potential contributors (rare, not sold world-wide, too expensive relative to its direct competitors with similar features, technical hurdles, etc.) this might not happen at all, but there's always the option for interested parties to work on their devices themselves and to contribute the results. A lot of device support patches have been contributed and merged into OpenWrt that way, as the regular contributors neither have the time to work on every imaginable device on the planet, nor the budget to obtain them in the first place.

From FCC photos: RT3662F + RT3092L

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oh! nice! thanks tmomas XD

That would be pretty old technology (8+ years), in general supportable -depending on flash and RAM sizes(!)- but not really tempting hardware (with slightly wonky wlan drivers) by any means (even less at the stated price point),