Having some trouble

iv carried out my first install of openwrt on a BT home hub 5 type A, everything is working so well i cant believe this is the first time iv use it...

So im getting a little problem and im unsure how to solve it so im hoping for a little input from someone please, the router keeps what im thinking rebooting as all connection is lost, this includes wifi and Ethernet.

Im running.

Firmware - OpenWrt 18.06.5 r7897-9d401013fc / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-19.309.48729-bc17ef6)

Kernel Version - 4.9.198

im with nowtv for broadband which use sky, my line type is adsl2, i used a like provided by nowtv to set up the router, if any would like any other information please just as.

just as a sub topic what software do people add to there routers?? only using as simple home router streaming moves to sons xbox, file shear normal stuff.


might help

On additional packages, the default / standard selection is sufficient for many people. Especially if you've got your services running on other devices (a smart choice, I think!), there isn't really anything to "recommend". I personally add some "standard Unix utilities" that I use for network and device debugging, but they're hardly "normal" for non-developers.

Sky's adsl connections use PPPoA, and sky adsl users can use the O2 username and password.

I don't have my old config for sky adsl, but these are some of the settings:-

    option proto 'pppoa'
    option vpi '0'
    option vci '38'
    option encaps 'vc'
    option username 'install@o2broadband.co.uk'
    option password 'password'

I expect it is covered in Bill's very comprehensive guide, the settings should be the same as most UK ADSL isps:- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c8cqmpc6cacs5n8/AAA2f8htk1uMitBckDW8Jq88a?dl=0

No idea what would cause the router to reboot though.

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