Having 8MB of storage instead of 16

I have a Xiaomi 4A Gigabit router which should have 16 MB of storage, but after installing OpenWrt, it shows only 8 MB of free storage. Does the firmware use 8 MB of storage? or is there something wrong?


no, there isn't.

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Ok, that's really sad.
Do you know anyway to connect to v2ray servers with only 8 MB of storage? the client package is 8.4 MB
Are there any replacements?

the actual ipk, or is it the install size ?
it's a squashfs it takes less on flash, than the actual package size.

New device, or swap out the flash chip.

Install size

Thanks for the info, any idea where to find guides on how to change flash chip?


you could try using the online image builder to remove unneeded packages coming with the default image,
like (perhaps) the pppoe* packages, then add the v2ray packages, it'll save you some space.

not sure you want to go down this road, it's usually easier to just get a new device.
you'll also need a chip writer to be able to transfer the flash content to the new chip.

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Ok, thank you so much!

Do you have its link?


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