Have installed Kerner and the SYSUPGRADE but there's no internet

Secondly, how can i get the VPN settings? especially shadowsocks.

Thank you in advance.

I am using xiaomi 3g router

image too small I don't even know how to read it

just reuploaded.

can't have the same subnet on LAN and WAN side, you need to change the LAN subnet to something else than 192.168.1 (like 192.168.2)


openwrt shadowsocks:

openwrt vpn:


thank you. where can i change this?

br-lan / lan in interfaces, make sure you select the apply unchecked option when saving, or the change will get rolled back.

i did and everything stopped working..Can i DM you?

DO I need to install all these 4 ? right now i have only installed the first and last.

you can always reset.

most probably not, but it depends on what you're doing ...

Does Shadowsock also come as a .bin package i can install?

if it's listed in the software section of your router, then it's available.

Which one should i download?

and are you able to tell if my current interface is Luci web or not?

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no idea, that's not an official openwrt repository.

is there another option, if you use proper openwrt ?

did you check the link @egc posted ?

yes.. * via GUI / LuCi

  1. System → Software → Update lists

  2. Filter for the device you are searching for

  3. Click Available packages

I will be able to find " opkg install shadowsocks-libev-ss-local shadowsocks-libev-ss-redir shadowsocks-libev-ss-rules shadowsocks-libev-ss-tunnel" by doing this?

no, that's the cli version of the installation procedure...

the packages are named