Have compatible kmods with own build

I forked your source to experiment a lot with OpenWrt. I'm building a simulated mesh network. From time to time I merge latest updates from upstream.
The problem is that when I build my own images I cannot install packages that have dependencies to kernel version. The packages you offer from your servers keep deriving from the kernel version the moment I built it.
How can I circumvent that? Can I somehow build my own packages, offer them for my images on my own webserver or is there another way?

Yes, currently there's basically two approaches.

  1. Mirror (or maybe just reverse-proxy to conserve bandwith) the OpenWrt download repositories while serving the base repository contents from your own server. For that you'll have to adjust the repository base URL in menuconfing, [*] Image configuration ---> [*] Version configuration options ---> Release repository
  2. Build your local image with all kmod packages from all feeds enabled, this should theoretically yield a compatible kernel version hash: sed -i -e '/# CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-/d' .config; echo CONFIG_ALL_KMODS=y >> .config; make defconfig; make
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