Have certain IP's/A single interface bypass ad filtering? (AdGuard Home)

I'm currently setting up Adguard home on a network that a number of people who are not overly tech literate are going to be using. Because of this, and to save any potential trouble in the future where I have to come and manually disable adblocking because of a necessary broken site, I wanted to create one wireless SSID where all adblocking would be bypassed.

Is there a way to do this in the AdGuard home interface? ie. Have any client sending requests to AGH from that interface/SSID/IP Range completely bypass filtering, and have their DNS requests unadulterated.

easiest way would be to have the dhcp server for that interface just use the router DNS or a different upstream DNS as DHCP option 6 (DNS server) and have it bypass AGH completely.

There is a client option as well for AGH. its on the AGH wiki. That way you could set it up differently.

The first option is far simpler thou.

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