Have build system use -mcpu=cortex-a72 for ALL packages built

I'd like to have all packages built use a custom C*FLAG of -mcpu=cortex-a72 thus providing optimized binaries for my RPi4. Is there a way in the nconfig to set this globally? If not, can someone recommend a method?

I did find the following which seems to only ass the CFLAGS to the kernel package, not to any package:

[*] Advanced configuration options (for developers)  --->
    (-mcpu=cortex-a72) Kernel extra CFLAGS

Thanks for suggestions!

I did find this link on the wiki but I don't know how to modify the file to use my -mcpu= preference.

EDIT: I tried modifying rules.mk appending my flag and that seems to be working:


Go little lower, there's "Target Options" and inside of it "Target Optimizations".

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Nice, thank you for pointing that out. I do not want to modify rules.mk and using that variable is much more modular.

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