Have anyone upgraded the Gl-iNET Spitz (GL-X750V2) on this forum?

If anyone have this router, you bought it with the oem firmware. How did you save the 4g settings and upgrade it to the open source openwrt? What file did you use, and where did you upload it, or how?
Was it easy to set it up afterwards, did you just upload the settings for the 4g sim card and it worked, but with the newest openwrt?
It's possible to save the configuration of the newly bought router, flash openwrt and just restore the settings am i right?

I've used 22.03 on a GL-X750V2. Only used it briefly to test out. Was able to use modemmanager to get a connection with the built-in EC-25A modem. I did a flash from the GL-inet admin page, made sure to wipe settings and then did another factory reset after the successful flash just to make sure. Everything worked fine but ended up going to the GL-inet 4.2.2 beta anyway.
Any particular other questions?

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That sounds good! I'm kinda new to this, so yeah a bit more detail would be nice. Yes which one did you use to upload the file into? Could you maybe link the right image? Sys-upgrade or the other one? Ok, If you wiped the settings, is it not quite hard to set up a working sim card after a new flash on these devices? Could i backup settings before, then flash, and then restore the old settings after i factory reset and everything after a new flash then? I would be able to just import the settings that the router came right? How would i do that? Ay newbie guide on this? The last thing i want is to brick the router, so it's better to ask before and such. Thanks for the answer!

Is it possible to use the CAT4 EC25-AF 4G north america model in europe?
Why do they have different prices and these lame differences? Bureaucracy, policies, etc. Instead of one router that works worldwide? Does openwrt remove these limitations? One hardware router should work worldwide am i right? These rules makes me go crazy sometimes.. All of the bureaucracy and lame inefficiency policies.