Has the iOS14 tethering issue been resolved?

I can confirm that the wnienhaus/languagegame recipe above just worked for me (OpenWRT 19.07.04 on GL.iNet GL-B1300, iOS 14.2, iPhone SE 2016). Phew!

As an 'intermediate-level' user, I did not fancy my chances following some of the expert solutions posted, involving recompiling Linux kernel etc. - though I see why they are superior if one is able to execute. Whereas the wnienhaus/languagegame recipe is much easier to follow!

Hopefully the next OpenWRT supported build release will include a full fix (done the expert way, of course!), to complement the excellent work of luochongjun, who has compiled a full new set of patched GL.iNet snapshots (which are built on OpenWRT, of course).

I believe Apple broke this functionality deliberately for the Linux/OpenWRT community - their inadequate response since speaking for itself - so it is great the community has fixed it so quickly, thereby sticking two fingers up to the money men!


Is it in the 19.07.5 branch or not since it is just 1 commit behind???

I don't think so. I had to do the same workaround as posted previously for openwrt 19.07.4, and it worked again for 19.07.5.

Workaround worked for me but had to change sed line to

xxd ipheth.ko.orig | sed 's/05EC/05EA/g' | xxd -r > ipheth.ko

on Netgear WNDR3700

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I'm new around here and would consider myself a beginner user. Wondering if anyone can assist with the sed command that I should be using for my router architecture? I'm not sure how to interpret the hexdump from xxd so as to make the appropriate changes... I am using an ASUS RT-AC51U router and im running OpenWrt v19.07.5

I'm using an Archer C7 V5. I got it working with this modification to Walterav's post.

xxd ipheth.ko.orig | sed 's/5ec/5ea/g' | xxd -r > ipheth.ko
(noticed that this is just the same as crispypants fix so I can confirm it works)

I am no expert but I think it simply looks for 1516 (5ec) and replaces it with 1514 (5ea) as described in the Github fix. I don't really see why this wouldn't work for any version if it worked for me.

objdump is really handy to check if it has worked. If you still see 1516 references not 1514 it hasn't worked.

Anyway it worked for me tethering to an iphone (ios 14.4) on my Arched C7 V5.

Out of curiosity, are you guys trying to use iOS 14's tether feature or trying to use libimobiledevice tools to interact with it?

Upstream kernel fixed the issue and backported it everywhere AFAIK. libimobiledevice has been updated and fixed for master and 19.07.

My pea brain managed to figure out the issue thanks to your help, thanks very much. I was having difficulty viewing the modified file and as it turns out the order was reversed and lower case. So my command was:

xxd ipheth.ko.orig | sed 's/ec05/ea05/g' | xxd -r > ipheth.ko

This is for an Asus RT-AC51U and iPhone X running iOS 14. Everything seems to be working now.