Has FS#954 been looked at?

I have been trying to setup IPTV for my provider on OpenWRT running on a R7800 without much luck, but that is for a different thread. While I was looking how to make the IPTV work I came across a patch available at FS#954 - IGMP queries redirected to CPU port when snooping enabled - breaks LAN multicasting and was wondering if it has been applied or will be applied to the current code for R7800?

I rather not compile OpenWRT for the R7800 for just a single patch and am hoping to see it become part of the mainline code.

I don't see IGMP_COPY in current master

Given that it was an unsigned patch and was asked to be submitted as a formal patch to the mailing list with no response, that report (from 2017) has probably received no further attention.

Nothing obvious on master

$ git log master --pretty='%h %cd %s' --date=short --grep=IGMP
85a35c644e 2018-04-12 ebtables: update to latest git 2018-04-11
985c90d102 2017-02-06 tcpdump: update to version 4.9.0
402fea62c4 2017-01-13 netifd: update to the latest version
f8d2ec6e9d 2016-01-17 ar8327: add IGMP Snooping support

I have an r7800 running a bit older code (about a year old) just fine with ip-tv and igmp snooping. Any particular issue you are running in to?

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Okay so it seems it isn't in master, thanks for checking @jeff, what would it take to make it part of master then?

@johnnysl, I have written a post about my issue with IPTV, it's mostly that I do think I have configured everything correctly, but still am not getting IPTV to work so I am trying to get some help with the configuration. I don't know if I am allowed to cross-link to my own post so will refrain from doing that.

The only reason I brought this up is that searching online on how to get this to work, I came across the person that wrote the patch which is running a R7800 on the same ISP as me with IPTV also, so I do suspect the patch is relevant but only to the IGMP snooping part so not necessarily relevant to my other post.

For the record I found the discussion that led to that patch here.

If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets...

Disable IGMP snooping for now - and study up on IGMP and Multicast///

That's what I've done so far, disabled the IGMP snooping and have been reading up on IGMP and multicast, but I still would like to see the patch at least considered for inclusion. Any way I can submit it?

FIrst, @Morove, welcome to the community.

Let's follow this logically:

  • Your IPTV doesn't work (BTW, you mentioned the topic, I don't see why you couldn't link it)
  • You admit that you may not have yet configured it correctly
  • Another poster noted their setup works
  • You want a patch applied you haven't tested yourself to see if it works
  • The original bug submitter never properly requested it

I think we should ensure your setup is correct - before asking the community to fix a patch...don't you?

I'll respond over - at your IPTV topic.

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One other thing to consider - if the IPTV is from your Broadband provider, many times there are VLAN's on the WAN side - so it doesn't hurt to check out what's happening there.

(they do this for many reasons, but QoS treatment is probably the main driver)

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