Has anyone used a router like a mobile phone as a wireless client for 802.11r?

I already have two routers that have the 802.11r protocol enabled.
Now I need a router as the 802.11r client(like a mobile phone) to connect to the two routers that have the 802.11r protocol enabled.
Has anyone used it like this? help me!

What are you trying to achieve? 802.11r is primarily about clients roaming from AP to AP. Most phones don't route either.

I think it means that you use a portable router as a client and if it can move from one AP to another quickly with 802.11r.

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I need the router to roam form AP to AP like a mobile phone.

Still not clear; what are you trying to accomplish? How does the “moving” router play in the network? What is it routing? Why is it moving?

yes,you get my point.
My router is moving between two AP, I need my router to roam between two AP like moving mobie phone.


  • both the APs provide Internet; and
  • that the router is otherwise no different than a client WiFi - like a phone moving between 2 access points in and our of range...

I would use Ad-Hoc Wifi and OLSR protocol if the router must move. It must have reception to at least one router with Internet connection for you not to experience issues.

But you already have the client router or need to buy it?
If you already have it, did you do the tests?

I have tested it,but the client router cannot roam .Does openwrt router not support this use?

Posting more details of what you expect and what you've configured would help greatly.

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Give us data.