Has anyone successfully used wireguard with PIA?

I can not find any documentation from the Private Internet Access site on setting up a PIA VPN on OpenWRT using Wireguard. Any help would be appreciated.

What does live-support say on the matter?

I'm currently going through email support with them. They asked me about my router, which is a Raspberrypi compute 4 with a nic had bought from seeed studio.
They also mentioned that wireguard is only available on their app. But they don't have any support on their site for openvpn as well (as far as openwrt). So to be continued. It takes a day for their response so I'll keep you updated on how it progresses.

They do support OpenVPN on routers.

Log-In to your account and generate an OpenVPN config file here.

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I'll check it out.
I'm no expert in setting up openwrt, but I did set up a pfsense router before. My hope is that the configurations are similar enough to get by.
I'm on vacation next week so that's the week I will play with this.
Thanks for your help and if I run into issues I will post a new thread.

You can also get all the configs from


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.Yea this guy from pia support didn't give me any of that. I wish people like you worked there. Thanks!!

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