Hardware that can handle 1000Mbit WAN link

I've recently upgraded my connection to 1000Mbit, and my trusty old WND3700v2 is showing it's age.

Seems that I need to update my router, base on other recomandations on this forum I'm considering PC Engines APU 4D4 (https://www.apu-board.de/produkte/apu4d4.html).

Questions are:

  1. Will APU 4D4 handle the full 1000Mbit?
  2. Do I need the 4GB RAM version, or will the 2GB be sufficient?
  3. What are other alternatives?

some numbers

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RPi4 numbers

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I currently use a custom built router on top of this motherboard

It can do ipsec kernel transforms at 3Gbps. It has a 16w TDP. It's still going strong after 6 years and vastly capable.

There are newer versions of this board: this one if you want 1Gbps ethernet ports and this one if you want 10 Gbe

They're great to manage using the IPMI solution as it will give you a console and you can monitor the sensors etc. If I had to build a new router, I would use one of these two boards.

They're not cheap as they would work out to the same cost as a general x86_64 system, but they're much faster on crypto and networking and they're small with a low TDP

Hi! If you live in the US/Canada I think you can find a Dell Wyse 5070 extended for about 200 euro. It requires a nic, I got a Fujitsu D3045-A11 QuadPort LP Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (Intel I350 based) for about 50 euro. Watch out for fakes! See https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/comparison-intel-i350-t4-genuine-vs-fake.6917/

In the end I got a Dell Optiplex 3040 SFF w/ Intel i5 gen 6 for 200 euro.

Tried to find a small, about 5 liter chassi, but found no good alternatives. Odroid-h2 may be an option but may have problems with openwrt and uefi boot